Here's a quiz I made - a not-very-serious way for escape game enthusiasts to test the limits of their enthusiasm. Answer the questions and I'll take a guess at how many rooms you've played and how far your obsession has progressed.

This should work fine on most devices. Let me know if you find a bug, or if you've got a suggestion for a question I could add! 

And if you really enjoy it? Consider checking out my blog or buying me a coffee by paying any amount for the downloadable version. Cheers!


Download 156 MB
Download 112 MB


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lightning round doesn't work. (that or it fails to clear the field after the player presses enter)


Thanks for letting me know! Lightning Round only accepts answers from a bank of about 100. If the answer isn't in there, it doesn't clear the field or add the text to the list. "Haunted House" works, for example, but "Cheese" does not.

If there's something you think should be in the answer bank but isn't, let me know and I'll add it for version 2.0. I'll also add a sound effect and make it clear the field on a "wrong" answer!